Monday, November 9, 2009

Curious Cove Nightline

Next week is camp. Its gonna be pretty exciting but then again pretty scary because of the teachers.
Our teacher Mr Madge has got a hit list of who he's gonna prank at camp. I'm on his list as well. He's told us, when he went to other camps he put an eel into someone's sleeping bag. He got the biggest one he could find in the river and put it in a potato sack and put it in someone's sleeping bag. He said it would be funny if you wake up with only one eyebrow. That got me really scared. I also looked at his Hit List without him knowing. Now I think I'm on the top of the Hit List. I think I'm gonna get paranoid at camp. Me and my mates are thinking of ways to get him back or counter his pranks when he comes in our cabin.
Also, there's night line. This will probably be one of the most scariest moments of my life. The teachers and parents are thinking of something good to get us. Yes! We're gonna have a laugh at night line. (jokes.)
Oh and I nearly forgot. Mr Chamber's water gun. He's gonna come into our cabins and wet us with his water gun until there ain't no water left. I'll tell you more once I come back from camp which will be not that long away. Please pray for me. Thank you for your concerns.

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